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Do you have old or antique items in your home? Would you like to find out their actual worth? You have come to the right place!

We proudly present The Antique Flea Market LLC.
clock and other antiquesOur marvelous antique shop is located in Des Moines IA, ready to provide you with any antique item services you need. Whenever you have something old, and you wish to find out more about its origin, you can come to us. Our highly experienced professionals will be able to properly appraise it, providing you with the knowledge you need. Below, we have listed a few services delivered by our antique furniture store:

  •  antique item appraisal
  •  estimates on estate buying
  •  clean outs
  •  antique sales
  • and more!

The Antique Flea Market LLC
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The Antique Flea Market LLC is not your average Des Moines IA antique shop. We are very dedicated to what we do, and we always want to provide our clients with the quality services and information they deserve. If you have a very old item and want to find out its origins, our company will do whatever is necessary in order to deliver the information you seek. Our antique furniture store works with highly experienced and qualified professionals who have been in the antique items business for many years.

antique clocks

As a reputable antiques dealer, The Antique Flea Market LLC advises Des Moines IA people to be careful when appraising an item. Never seek the help of freelance antique dealers, because their interest runs deeper than your needs. Very often, fraud antique dealers will tell you that the item you wish to get appraised is not worth much, and offer you a “fair price” in order to get it off your hands. There is a very good chance that they offer you a price which is ten, and some times even a hundred times smaller than the actual cost of the item.

An antique market is a place where one must contact real professionals like ourselves, in order to receive genuine information and appraisal. Antique items have their own characteristics which make them valuable. On many occasions, even the clients themselves do not know that, and in an attempt to make the item look cleaner or polished, they remove patina that has formed over with the years. Every antique market will advise you against doing anything like that, because it will decrease your item’s value.

In the world of antiques, different rules apply, for a reason. They are meant not only to determine the history of the item, but preserve its condition. Depending on the item, it will take a specific environment to ensure its complete safety – but this can be determined only by professionals who know what to do. If you are in need of someone who can appreciate antiques and properly evaluate their worth, contact us and you will not be disappointed.

All services regarding antiques are delivered at competitive and affordable rates. You don’t need to worry about your check book. If you wish to receive additional information on our services, call the phone number listed below and we will be more than eager to help.

Give us a call: (515) 650-0293

by Trevor J.

I had an old clock in my garage, and a friend of mine told me that I should get it appraised. I called [cn], and it turned out that it cost a lot of money! Thanks!
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